UI vs UX

Published by August 10, 2019 1:23 pm

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In this article, we will see the difference between UI and UX, how they work together, and how to implement UI and UX for the company vision.

The difference between UI and UX

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to compare UI and UX because they are different fields based on what the meaning of UI and UX is, and what each field depends on.

UI: User Interface is based on graphic design, so it’s every design you see on screens.

UX: User Experience is working on website enhancement for users to be easy to use (Usability) easy to access for information (Accessibility) and giving user satisfaction.

What each field depends on

UI: Based on aesthetic theories and a sense of human pleasure and integration with the design in addition to the information that comes from UX.

UX: Depends on research, studies, feedback, and analysis.

How they work together

UI depends on the UX where UX is providing how to divide the content or location of the elements in terms of importance and accessibility.

For example, related links in the news sites cannot be above the news, it’s always at the bottom of the page because the normal behavior of the user will be reading the news first, then go down in the related links area

How to implement UI and UX for the company vision

A company’s main focus on its website is conversion rate, SEO, and profits while the UX is concerned with 3 main points, value, accessibility, and user satisfaction.

Content value increases the conversion rate and the user’s subsequent return to the site later.

The easier it is for a user to access the information he searches for the easier it is for search engines to understand the site structure.

Thus, we reach the user satisfaction and achieve profits, which is the goal of any company.