UX Trends 2021

Published by December 19, 2020 5:05 pm

The UX Trends is a subject we go through every year, it’s about our expectations more than facts, it depends on the market growing UX requirements, days before 2021 starts we are thinking more about those expectations.

The UX is growing fast and become more important than before, and it’s become more related to the user expectation and human behavior, also, it’s going beyond the designs and its simple rules, like the red button for dangerous action like delete, or the green color for success.

The content of this article:

  • AI Personalization
  • Details Animation Instead of Blocks Animation
  • Dark Mode
  • More Conversational
  • Conclusion

AI Personalization

The data is going to be more personalized than before and more changeable frequently data that appears to the users based on the current behavior instead of the history only, most of the personalized data is related to the browsing history only, which kind of hard to change after a while.

In 2021 it will be easy to understand your desired data based on the last 48 hours or based on the day time you use the platform.

for example, you like to watch tutorials during the day and movies at night, what’s happening now is you see the movies and tutorials during the whole day.

Details Animation Instead of Blocks Animation

We used to see the animation on the webpages or mobile applications blocks, the direction is going to implement the animation on the contents elements like the title, images, and buttons separately.

In 2021 animations are going to be more smooth and simple effects, for example, all elements are in the view area, but move a little bit for up with a couple of milliseconds delay between each element.

Dark Mode

Usually, the dark mode was related to the developers and designers, but in 2021 it will affect the regular users since more studies explain the benefits of using the dark theme, in addition to the strength points that make the dark theme more powerful with images and music platforms.

More Conversational

The personal relationship between the users and the platforms is growing which affects the language used in those platforms, instead of use “Your Account”, it will be “My Account”, or instead of “Email” in the forms, it will be “Your Email”.

So the direction is going to change the language to be more like a conversation between the platforms and the users which makes the interaction between them more effective.

In the example above, the difference between “Email” and “Your Email” is that “Your Email” is more like a question, so the user feels that he has to answer this question.

while in the CTA (Call To Action like buttons and links) it’s more like the user asks the platform to do something, for example, “My account” means the user is asking the platform to do something (Open or send me to My Account Page).